Privacy Policy

Presented in plain and straight-forward language.


StatsOnMe collects only the data that you choose to put into it and associated data for your analysis and system functionality. As with virtually all websites, general visitor and usage statistics are also captured for review and analysis. StatsOnMe has not, does not, and will not share, sell, or otherwise distribute any information that you choose to store here.

Terms and Definitions

  • User: The person using their mobile device or computer to interact with the website.
  • Tracker: The collection of questions and associated settings configured by a user to collect and record data related to a certain topic or prompt as chosen by the user.
  • Public Setting: An option that can be toggled by tracker and determines whether or not other users and visitors can view the questions and data. By default, this value is set to no/false.

Specific Procedures

  • StatsOnMe is structured and designed to only work with the minimum amount of data needed to produce a meaningful result. Unlike some other online services, StatsOnMe does not use or even collect other hidden data about you.
  • User accounts consist of usernames, passwords, and email addresses. StatsOnMe links your account to your trackers and your data. There are also timestamps to record things like when accounts are created and when data is collected.
  • Accounts on the forum are independent of the main accounts. This is for the purpose of allowing forum activity and data collecting activity to remain separate and distinct.
  • Proper and appropriate backup procedures are followed in case restoration is needed following a possible failure of some kind. This is necessary to maintain reliable service and functionality of this site. As with everything else, precautions are taken to ensure everything is handled securely.
  • StatsOnMe is being actively developed and improved. Please help us by providing feedback and let us know if you have requests for specific features or functionality.

(Lack of) Integrations

  • StatsOnMe has, does, and will always oppose integrations with any and all outside parties...but please don't take it personally.
  • "Integration" and "Sharing" can indicate possible security vulnerabilities. StatsOnMe is purposefully disconnected from other sites and services so you can rest assured that your information is kept secure.

The Public Setting

  • By default, all StatsOnMe trackers are private. This means that only the user who created the tracker can interact with or even view it in any way.
  • There is an optional Public setting that shares the questions and collected data. This allows users to safely share their work with the StatsOnMe community.
  • Personally identifiable (including contact) information is never shared. The only information of this type is the user's display name and email address, neither of which are shared even when the Public setting is enabled. The only exception to this would be if a user was collecting data that contained this type of information, which is not what StatsOnMe is designed or intended for.

Data Encryption

Encrypting data helps ensure that only the appropriate user can view their data. Other 3rd parties can't decrypt the data so it is essentially useless to them. StatsOnMe uses multiple layers of encryption to protect your data.

    In Transmission - SSL

  • StatsOnMe has SSL encryption enabled to protect your data between your device and the server where this is hosted. This means that 3rd parties (e.g. hackers or any entities scouring the internet for personal data) can not just look at your data; rather than being in plain text format, your data is encrypted so it appears to be a confusing string of random characters. The only devices that can decrypt it are your device and this server.
  • Want to learn more about SSL/TLS and other data security topics? Start here and make sure to check out the related links. These days, every website you visit should be utilizing this type of security. Most web browsers will display a lock icon up by the URL to show that the particular page is secure.

    At Rest - Database Encryption

  • StatsOnMe uses an extra step of data encryption on the backend when storing your data in the database. In the extremely unlikely event that the database itself was maliciously stolen by a 3rd party, they still wouldn't be able to decrypt the data to actually view it.

General Website Statistics

  • Virtually all websites record anonymous statistics about traffic and usage of their site. This is a normal part of operating an active online community and poses no threat to your privacy.
  • The primary data used for these statistics are your IP address and the times associated with your activity throughout the site. When analyzed at a high level, this information is valuable for tracking trends and planning ahead.
  • If you have concerns about your information being used for these purposes, you have options. You are encouraged to look into options to increase your privacy like VPNs, proxies, and the Tor project.