The story behind StatsOnMe

The idea for StatsOnMe originated from a discussion with a doctor about tracking medical symptoms. While there are a variety of existing tools that attempt to address this need, none seemed to offer the right level of functionality. Some are too basic and don't allow for enough customization. Others are too complex and require integrations with social networks and other seemingly unnecessary external parties. Rather than compromising, we decided to make our own tool.

Bringing Big Data to the Small Screen

Big data is everywhere these days, for good and (unfortunately) for some evil. Many social networks and other companies with large online footprints continue to get busted for leaking or, even worse, intentionally selling user data. StatsOnMe seeks to leverage the benefits of big data's fundamental ideas while completely avoiding the mistakes many others have made regarding the privacy of user data.

Rather than selling or sharing your data in any way, StatsOnMe empowers you to have full control over your own data. Rather than forcing users to opt-out of sharing (even anonymous) data, StatsOnMe allows users to opt-in but otherwise all user data is private by default. Learn more about how StatsOnMe handles user data here.

New Features in Development

StatsOnMe is constantly being worked on to improve its functionality and add new features. Many improvements are made behind the scenes within the code that makes this all work. Other improvements are more obvious and cosmetic in nature. There are also a few major components that will be coming soon, such as Administration.

All updates to StatsOnMe follow a strict process that ensures safe handling of all user data as well as avoiding unexpected issues with the system. We will soon be adding a forum where you can learn more about these updates and provide your own feedback.